1. What is included in each pack of cards and how much?
a. Each pack contains 12 cards and envelopes to match, each pack costs the school €5.00 Incl VAT.

2. How much should my school charge students per pack of cards?
a. It is entirely up to you how much you decide to charge your students. We recommend €10 per pack as it’s the average but again its completely up to your school.

3. When do I have to pay Staxon Design for the packs?
a. We only collect payment once all packs have been delivered and sold onto each student, our invoice will be given upon delivery of the packs to the school but will have 30-day payment terms.

4. When is the latest date I can register?
a. We would recommend you register as soon as possible to give the students enough time to design the cards and collect the monies from the parents, but we will accept registrations up until December 2023.

5. Can a student order multiple packs and get a discount?
a. A student can order multiple packs but we cannot give any discounts on them sadly as we are set up to handle digital print runs which means we do not get the same savings as conventional print runs.

6. Does every student get a sample card with their design?
a. Yes, once registered and the designs are sent to us, we will send each student a sample of their designed card before they order to keep.

7. What is the message on the inside of the cards?
a. Each school can choose their own message for the inside of the cards for their entire school.

8. What is on the back of the cards?
a. Each school can send us a copy of their school crest and we will put this along with the school name, class name and students name under it.

9. Can our students use their own design?
a. Yes, as well as using our templates, your students can use their own designs if they wish as long as they use supplied forms to draw on.

10. How do I register my school for this?
a. That is easy, make an account on our website or contact us via sales@staxondesign.com and simply send us your school name along with an email address to contact you by.

11. Can only schools participate?
a. No, any group, club or team can take part.

12. Are your cards bad for the environment?
a. Protecting the planet is important to us too! All our cards are printed on 100% recycled paper.

13. Can I register in person at your print works in Navan, Co. Meath?
a. You are always welcome to enter our premises in Navan and we do absolutely accept in person registrations for this project.

Staxon House, Mullaghboy Industrial Estate, Navan Co. Meath
Email - sales@staxondesign.com
Tel - 046 902 2400

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